Sylvia McNicoll

Canadian Author for Young People

Beautiful Reading Experiences

"Children are reading more but enjoying reading less," that's the general consensus. What about you? Do you find yourself zipping through books on your Smartphone, interrupted by various chirps and gurgles to read posts and tweets. When's the last time you visited a...

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Read local-Writers in your Neighbourhood

Five years ago I was editing an article on Hawaii for Today's Parent Toronto while at a resort in the Dominican. Irritating. Both to be working during a holiday but also to have the locations so criss-crossed in my psyche. In discussion with another writer Gisela...

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Canadian Authors Celebrate 150 in South Korea

Best thing ever that's happened in my career. The Canadian Embassy in Korea invited Kathy Stinson and me to be celebrated and showcased in the Canada150 spotlight at the Seoul International Book Fair. Thirteen hour flight each way, five whirlwind days there. The first...

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