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A great year ends!

Making a shortlist and/or winning an award can make a difference in the life of your novel but it's not anything you have control over. I always tell everyone that I work just as hard on books that somehow don't hit a note with critics or readers as I do on ones that...

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Reviewing Diamond Mistake Mystery Goes to Dogs

Because dogs and dog walking feature so prominently in the entire Great Mistake Mystery Series and because recently everyone in my family adopted dogs, we decided the canines needed to earn their kibble. We joined paws with to get Rosie, the...

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What I think about series

At talks I gave in Seoul and Bogotá on a standalone novel called Revenge on the Fly, the same question arose: "What do I think of series?" It was clear that the answer was supposed to be that they were a lesser form of literature that you shouldn't encourage or even...

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A Writer’s Tool

Time to dream, think, re-envision and write--that's what writers need most. But then for some reason you're away from your project for a long time--say a few signings, a book tour or holiday. Or even another book. You need to get back into your...

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Visiting our MP, Hon. Karina Gould

This is our second trip to the Honourable Karina Gould since she's been elected. We wanted to respectfully request that our government address the suggestions that the House of Commons Standing Committee on Heritage submitted in March of 2019. Four months may not seem...

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A Perfect Day in the Life of a Writer

When I tell people I'm heading in to Toronto to meet my agent and publicist, I feel like Lady Gaga. But writers are only celebrities in a quiet, have-you-read my-book, kind of way. What I mean by that is if you haven't read anything I've written, of course I am not...

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