Sylvia McNicoll

Canadian Author for Young People

A Perfect Day in the Life of a Writer

When I tell people I'm heading in to Toronto to meet my agent and publicist, I feel like Lady Gaga. But writers are only celebrities in a quiet, have-you-read my-book, kind of way. What I mean by that is if you haven't read anything I've written, of course I am not...

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Friends in Hamburger Places

What is the height of success for a writer? Jennifer Mook-Sang's been nominated for the Silver Birch and many other prestigious awards for her first novel Speechless (Scholastic) but when her second book Captain Monty Takes the Plunge (Kids Can Press) was chosen as a...

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Touring Colombia

It's amazing to look back on 2018, so many signings, library and school visits. The greatest privilege was to be able to visit with readers in Colombia for Norma Publishing, sponsored also by Canada Council Arts Abroad. Venganza Contra las Moscas was featured in the...

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Extraordinary Opportunities

"Does this snake look real to you? It doesn't look real to me. His name is King by the way and he's the star of The Snake Mistake Mystery." The young girl stares at me, gape mouthed. She steals an anxious glance back at her dad. Am I a danger stranger, can she talk to...

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Signing with Mortie

  Sometimes it's fun to share the limelight with a friend when you're signing at a book store. Mortie is a gregarious Jackapoo who loves children and grownups alike.. He's also my inspiration for Ping in The Great Mistake Mysteries as well as Finnigan in Revenge on...

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