Digital Camera–my favourite writing tool

For Today’s Parent Toronto, I was invited to a photo tutorial at Riverdale and then given the camera to keep! Hurray! These two photos are taken on my year old Sony. I love digitals for taking notes on fiction and non fiction projects. Helps my description immensely. I take photos of food,menus, and decor, for restaurant reviews. It’s my visual memory.

I went mostly because I’d never been to Riverdale Farm before. I’ve written about it which always feels slightly fraudulent. We were encouraged to bring a child-subject so three year old William and I were off on an adventure.
Negin Sairafi gave us tips on the features of our new Kodak plus general hints in exporing our photographic creativity. I enjoyed the tutorial very much.
I loved the animals and the idea that here was this green and organic oasis in the middle of the hustle bustle city. I would post a lot more photos of horses and goat and donkey bottoms (that’s how they faced us) except I accidentally deleted ALL instead of PICTURE. Maybe Kodak makes it too easy?

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One of my favourite writing tools

On behalf of Today’s Parent Toronto, I was invited to a photo workshop designed to help you photograph children. The idea was that I could write about this for moms but the subtext was Kodak was showcasing its new products. Every writer there received a new camera (see below) to work with and (hurray) keep. Negrin Sairafi gave us helpful hints and demonstrated the new prezzie. I loved it. I used digital cameras as note takers for all my fiction and nonfiction writing projects.

We were at Riverdale farm, see the crazy flower horse, and I brought three year old William as we were encouraged to bring subjects.
These pictures were taken with my year old Sony. I haven’t uploaded any new photos from the Kodak because, ironically, I accidentally deleted them all. A little glitch in the ease in which you can do everything with this new model. I was sure I pressed “Picture” not “All” but maybe the red was highlighting All. Usually computers asked you incessantly if you’re sure, not Kodak I’m afraid.

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