Wandering the streets of Saskatoon

When you’re strolling though an unfamiliar city, you really don’t want to spend every moment in retail

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situations soyou really appreciate the statues and other art. The Chief holds something in his hand resembling an onion but I didn’t see an explanation for it anywhere. I love the lone cowboy riding through and those newspaper boxes would make me want to read the news.

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Saskatchewan Gang put on a signing

First I looked through all my suitcases and bags, then I searched the car. Finally I had to accept that I lost my handouts for my Ten Top Tips session at the Saskatchewan Putting the Pieces Together conference. I copied the document from the computer onto to a memory stick and Bob rushed off to copy more.

My sessions room was the Jolly Friar which seemed kind of cool but I when I saw an overhead instead of a data projector, my mouth went dry.

Still no need to panic, it had just landed in another room. A couple of minutes later an image was up and the teachers drifted in. Standing room only–I heaved a sigh of relief. Sitting all day on a Sunday preparing a handout and power point presentation is worth it when there’s a crowd and it’s appreciative.

Then, finished early enough, we headed to McNally Robinson bookstore which looks like a great place. My heart wasn’t broken when my books weren’t there–I’d googled in advance and didn’t even look or bug the clerks. I was still high from the Ten Top Tips session. So I just relaxed and enjoyed listening to my Saskatchewan friends read: Linda Aksomitus, Beverley Brenna,
Myra Guynur, Alison Lohans, Arthur Slade, Ed Willet, Mary Harelkin Bishop and Judith Silverthorne. I spelled all those names by memory which isn’t bad even if it’s not correct. I’ll edit later.

I sat by a huge Happy Writer cake and the smell overwhelmed me. So hard to resist swirly white icing on chocolate.
Treated myself to a copy of almost everyone’s books. Tomorrow I have a day off. No searching for papers, books, gathering miscellaneous and worrying about getting to a school on time because Princess Leaha, our GPS, is rather an optimist.

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