Monsignor H Smith, Confederation Park and James Alexander School

When you visit two schools a day for five days or so, the names and faces can blur. I especially enjoyed visiting Monsignor H. Smith, in Calgary, because clearly some of the students were fans already. They had read Last Chance for Paris on their own–perhaps because of a library display. Still having someone rush up to tell you they love your books just before a presentation on the same story, starts the day on a high note. Confederation and James Alexander had great enthusiastic students. Hopefully now those students will read at least three of my 24 or so books. Obviously we can’t expect them to read the Norwegian or Swedish ones.

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Another drive

When planning a tour, it’s hard to fit holiday time in snatches between school visits. So that’s how we accidentally had a seven hour drive after a school visit in Calgary. Luckily there were no snow storms although at one point it looked like shards of diamonds were hitting the headlights so there were indeed flurries. Still we saw buffalo and lots of deer. At one point we drove over some deer bodies and then later a low-to-the ground sportscar passed with a furry body attached to its bottom.

The log cabin represents a Calgary Stampede store where we bought souvenirs. Memories of a stampede we’ve never attended.

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