Mortie’s new swimming hole

This year we bought a Provincial Park Pass for Hunter, thinking we could take him everyday after school to the play barn at Bronte Creek. Turns out during the year the playbarn closes at 4:00 and while Hunter’s class finishes around 3:15 by the time he surfaces it’s often 3:45.

No matter, we’re taking advantage of it now in the summer. We went to a “spirit night” where Hunter met some historical ghosts. We visited Spruce Lane Farm and he and some buddies tried out some old fashioned toys and wove.

The big plus turned out to be the dog park. No fence and just lots of free roaming area. Today someone told us about another leash free area in the camping zone. We had to drive in by another entrance. Then we could hike through fields and forest and more importantly through the actual creek. Lots of dogs were swimming in the fast moving water and Mortie joined in.

We also saw a dog named Cohoe who could pass for the wolf hybrid Paris in my novel Last Chance for Paris. Perhaps for book two we can shoot the cover in that exact spot.

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Building Sandcastles

Next Saturday, August 23, from 10 to 2, I will be judging sandsculptures along with Sandi Castle Stirling, shown creating this marvelous castle, yesterday. She also gave out tips but I came to late to get any. I thought I’d bone up with some books from the library. Well, there are none on this topic except for Robert Munsch’s Sandcastle story. Everyone knows you can’t build a breathing barking sanddog, or?

In any case, I intend to google technique on the internet so that I can better judge this contest. I love sandsculptures anyway.

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Mortie gets groomed for the wedding

We like Mortie fluffy but some dog owners suggested that since he had poodle in him he needed to be “groomed” read shaved.
So we thought we’d try. It’s hot out, he’d at least be cooler. My friend Carol Bryant owns a grooming shop and only charged

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me “cat rates”. How embarassing for Mortie. She shaved every part of his body and trimmed the hair around his ears.

What do you think? Should Mortie grow back the fluff or should he continue to visit Carol?

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Big Day

What began as a beautiful day turned into the monsoons as the white stretch limo pulled up to the bride’s house. Umbrella to umbrella, everyone’s finery was shielded. At Geraldos at Lasalle Park, all arrangements required

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switching. No getting married in the terrace, too dangerous with the thunder, lightening and huge puddles so Eireann and Craig were piped down the aisle of the reception room.

However, everything else was perfect. Delicious food, great friends and dancing. Eireann and Craig performed some fancy steps and dips. Now they’re off in Greece enjoying their honeymooning. Congratulations. Phew!

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Karaokee Shower

My friends Cathy and Lynda have hosted a lot of parties and showers on my or my children’s behalf. So for Eireann and Craig we were stumped for about five seconds. “What do they like to do?” Cathy asked. “They love to sing karaokee,” I answered. So bestman Adam whipped up an Elvis e-invite and I rented a machine and Cathy and Lynda supplied the most delicious food imaginable and a home decorated Elvis style.

It was a tremendously fun evening and Ian Garden, Eireann’s brother won the academy award, you didn’t know there was one?, for Karaokee.

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