Sylvia McNicoll

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Burlington, Ontario
L7P 3V7

Telephone: 905-335-9401

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  1. Hello! My name is Allison. I am trying to fine the book Double Dribble to use as a novel study for two of my students. If you can contact me to let me know where I can purchase this book I would truly appreciate it.

  2. Hi, i am doing your book “Walking a Thin Line” for my presentation and i was just wondering how you would describe Andrea on her physical appearance. Thanks

  3. hi, I’m reading your ‘revenge on the fly’, I’m just wondering about the poem you quoted. I looked for the poem ‘The Lamb’ and there is no lamb chops in poem. Do you have any other meaning?

  4. hi, I’m reading ‘revenge on the fly’. I looked for the poem ‘The Lamb’ you quoted to know exact meaning. I don’t understand what lamb chops are in your book. There is nothing in real poem.

    • Hi Choi, Tried to respond to your email but it bounced back. A lamb chop is a cut of meat taken from the lamb. Not a metaphor. God treats the poet and the lamb with care says William Blake, but the main character in Revenge on the Fly ate lamb a few days before. He does not believe that God protects the lamb and poor children equally. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for the lovely evening . Books are our best friend and make the most wonderful of pass times . I shall plan on borrowing one of your works to enjoy some time this fall. Take care

  6. Hi Sylvia, I’m teaching English this fall and would need 20 extra copies of The Tiger Catcher’s Kid. It seems it’S no longer being published, can you help me?

  7. hi sylivia I’m reading the book best friends through eternity and i was wondering how you thought of to make this book / what inspired you

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