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  1. Hello! My name is Allison. I am trying to fine the book Double Dribble to use as a novel study for two of my students. If you can contact me to let me know where I can purchase this book I would truly appreciate it.

  2. Hi, i am doing your book “Walking a Thin Line” for my presentation and i was just wondering how you would describe Andrea on her physical appearance. Thanks

  3. hi, I’m reading your ‘revenge on the fly’, I’m just wondering about the poem you quoted. I looked for the poem ‘The Lamb’ and there is no lamb chops in poem. Do you have any other meaning?

  4. hi, I’m reading ‘revenge on the fly’. I looked for the poem ‘The Lamb’ you quoted to know exact meaning. I don’t understand what lamb chops are in your book. There is nothing in real poem.

    • Hi Choi, Tried to respond to your email but it bounced back. A lamb chop is a cut of meat taken from the lamb. Not a metaphor. God treats the poet and the lamb with care says William Blake, but the main character in Revenge on the Fly ate lamb a few days before. He does not believe that God protects the lamb and poor children equally. Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for the lovely evening . Books are our best friend and make the most wonderful of pass times . I shall plan on borrowing one of your works to enjoy some time this fall. Take care

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