School Visit on Saturna Island

Canada Council through The Writers’ Union of Canada funded my airfare to Vancouver in order to perform “National Readings” at Capilano and Lynn valley (Thank you, thank you) but we tacked on a trip to a fab writer Rachael Preston and she organized a random drive by author visit at Saturna Island School where the SEEC (Saturna Island Environmental Education Classroom) students dropped by from their unusual campus.
These kids, from anywhere in BC, opt to study for three days (and nights!) a week in a rainforest environment.  They cook for themselves, tidy, plant things, create and study environmental issues.
The Saturna School Building
Keen SEEK Learners

At this point they realize my friend Rachael is taking their photo with the same farmer as on screen

Feather similes

On this day they learned about writing process instead. On the fly, feather and paint chip simile creation as well as reading script drew some great volunteers.  For a change we had two young men play the parts of Sunny, usually a girl, and Cole.  Note the red hair extensions and coffee bean necklaces to help get the young man into character.
Very keen learners eager to read my work now.  Lots of fun.  Thanks to Rachael’s organizing and Canada Council’s funding some very engaged learners enjoyed something totally different.

Gender switching while reading a script

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Embracing Your Inner Douche

At the Writers’ Union AGM for a talk on Promoting You Book-Tricks of the Trade,  here’s Dorris Heffron and Richard Scrimger reading his bio together, she forgot her glasses.  The pearl of wisdom he shared?  Embrace your inner douche, be that guy you hate who says “Hey, buy my book.”

Margriet Ruurs suggested that we think of all the markets for our books, non-traditional ones too, for example she sent her chicken picture book to the egg marketing board and encouraged them to host contests and give her books away.

Zoe Grams, publicist from Douglas McIntyre, shared some basic premises of a marketing platform. “Find the benefit for others.”  What specific value does your book offer?

The workshop was entertaining as well as informative.  Hey writers, you all should have come to Vancouver this weekend!

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