Mortie, the Jackapoo, reads The Art of Racing in the Rain

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but this novel is a Chapters’ staff pick fave. I could have paid way less had I bought it in eversion but then I couldn’t have shared it with Mortie. Honestly, the cover made me smile. The dog who narrates has an uncanny resemblance to Mortie, my Jackapoo, The story incorporates racing philosophy with life but (spoiler alert) a key person and

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the dog die in the end. It feels very Marly and Me. Maybe this is a trick to sell books. So often the cover doesn’t match the story but if we stick to favourite dog breeds, maybe the cover can sell the book because the readers, like me, likes pictures of their dogs.

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This series on where and what we’re reading was started as as kind of personal PR for books. I think in this fast paced world of technology where you press 1 for English and 2 for French and never get anyone who really wants to speak to you (although the conversation may be recorded for quality ensurance), we’re searching for more and more peaceful happy moments. Or is that just me. Yoga, hot and cold, is suddenly

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popular. Non fiction books that connect to spirituality in a mainstream way get gobbled up: The Book of Awesome for example.

When I speak to my fellow writers, I realize we’re all trying to create more to sustain our living when the answer might be to do less and read more. Think of it as both job sharing and job creating. When we go on holidays whether to the tropics or the local beach, we usually most enjoy a quiet read. And so for my own purposes I slowed down this summer and tried to document my reading. I still write, edit for Today’s Parent Toronto, and work as director on Access Copyright but I am making a point to READ and enjoy it and to document enjoying it in my favourite places. Planking, writer’s style?
Here I am at the Bronte Creek Dog Park Swimming hole reading an appropriate title: A Writer’s Life, the Margaret Laurence Lectures 25th Anniversary of the Lecture Series
I realize that when I invited others to share their reading holes and material how difficult it is to include a photo of themselves with a book. It requires a photographer, plus a lot of us don’t like pictures of ourselves. So…to make it easier, if you wish to share, send me a photo of your book where you’re reading it.

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