In the dentist’s chair, Beyond Blonde by Teresa Toten

By no sheer coincidence, I needed emergency dental attention on the same day as Margaret Buffie’s dog.
I broke a tooth but her literary inspiration needed some teeth removed.  I’m sure he read in the dental chair also ’cause it is so comfy, with a head and foot rest and a nice tilt to it.  Here I’m reading Beyond Blonde by Teresa Toten and it’s funny enough to keep me happy while my freezing is not taking.

It’s another reason why adults should read YA.  The character is  a combination of my best friend in highschool and me, her being the blonde and me the brunette who aspires to be and yes, we both played basketball. Of course, in my highschool everyone’s parents spoke and acted like different versions of Auntie Eva.

The  second needle didn’t take either so the dentist continued anyway.  He removed a chunk of tooth and installed a temporary filling and I didn’t feel a thing–all because of Teresa’s hilarious writing.
You can read Beyond Blonde anywhere.  You don’t need to wait for a dentist’s appointment.

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After Dinner, The Gaggle Sisters River Tour by Chris Jackson on Father’s Day

This was intended as a Father’s Day read.  Craig McNicoll read The Gaggle Sisters River Tour , by Chris Jackson, to his baby girl, Violet on the deck.  But then his wife continued out loud while we were waiting for dessert. Eireann drew a crowd, all the grandchildren plus one adult squeezed around to hear the compelling story of two geese sisters, Dorothy and Sadie and their sail down Wriggle River.

These are computer kids, even two year old Jadzia knows how to operate a mouse and loves to watch a good YouTube still when Eireann read out loud, they all listened.

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