Beach time

The way I read it, our cottage was supposed to have a view of the ocean and I thought it was situated right at the beach.
But no. We saw a glimpse of ocean from across the highway. It was partially obstructed by herring smoking plants. Cap Pelee
is the smoked herring capital of Canada. If there had been a large herring monument, you know we would have been so there!
So we had to drive to a rather weedy shallow beach that sometimes smelled of herring, or seaweed. Lots of sea creatures scuttled around on the ocean floor so I didn’t frolic as much as I’d hoped in the water.

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The cliche New Brunswick Experience: Hopewell Rock

The list of things we had to do on our vacation was pretty small, eat Lobster, go to the beach a lot and visit Hopewell Rocks.

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one!” “Go for it!” and such and walked Mortie around. Then at 2:00 in the afternoon we headed down and walked the length of the beach admiring the flower pot formations. The picture of me was taken by Hunter, otherwise I don’t usually get to appear in my blog much.

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